Taking a Closer Look at SmartStrand Carpet Products

When purchasing carpeting for homes where large, busy families live, it is imperative that a product is chosen that is not only hardwearing and resistant to stains and spills, but that also provides the most luxurious possible feel underfoot when walking on it as well. Very few carpet products that are currently available for sale have been able to live up to a host of claims like these – with the exception of SmartStrand carpet products.

What is SmartStrand Carpet?

Also sometimes referred to as Triexta, Sorona or PTT polyester carpeting, SmartStrand carpet products have become extremely popular over the past few years because of the fact that they are not only attractive; they are also extremely easy to care for and offer one of the most luxurious finishes to the living areas of virtually any home environment. More than 90% of homeowners who were questions about their carpeting purchases and who have had this type of carpeting installed in various areas around the house have stated that they will only be using some of the SmartStrand carpet products if they ever needed to purchase carpeting again.

Permanent Stain Resistance

Although many other types of carpet can be manually treated to help prevent stains from setting in, SmartStrand carpet is different in that its stain resistance treatment is permanent, meaning that it never needs to be reapplied. This makes SmartStrand a perfect option for families with young children or pets that are constantly on the go throughout the house. Stains become a thing of the past, enabling you and your family to enjoy living in your home without having to worry about causing any damage to your new carpeting. Pet stains need not be an issue anymore, as they can merely be wiped up – without having to worry about leaving any lasting odors permeating the house.

Exceptional Durability

Unlike many other types of carpeting, SmartStrand carpet has been known to last a lot longer – especially in high traffic areas of a home. This makes it an ideal choice for installing on stairways, in hallways or even in entryways. SmartStrand carpet is also exceptionally soft and luxurious underfoot, which makes it a practical choice for families. This type of carpeting is also known for being one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable options for anyone who is considering having new carpeting installed in their homes. Although there are many other types of carpeting that tend to fade or wear over time, SmartStrand carpet products have been designed to last a lifetime.

Homeowners who are considering having carpeting installed in any of the rooms in their properties should definitely consider using products from the SmartStrand carpet range. This will ensure that they do not have to have any form of replacement carpeting installed for many years to come – unless they grow tired of a particular color or pattern option. It is also recommended that this carpeting is installed by experienced and reputable carpet installers.