Flooring Ideas and Solutions for home theater

Home theater carpeting is one of the methods to optimize your home theater system. To bring the feel, the look, of a theater, there is a need for proper interior decoration, of which carpeting occupies a central position. Dark-colored carpets are an essential embellishment to bring about the effect of the theaters.

Home theater carpeting needs to be thick to bring about a luxurious feel like the familiar sights of a theater. Contrary to this, experts agree that the thickness should never exceed 1.1cm. The carpeted floors look good if the wadding is not squashed out of constant use, and the backing of the carpet does not deteriorate so make sure you keep a watch on that. Black carpet is an ideal option when it comes to decorate your theater room.

Though carpets are not suitable for timber flooring, nevertheless, it is the most popular form of floor covering for homes with home theaters because of its noise, reverberation and deformation reduction, and sound absorption capabilities. Carpets are effective sibilance reducers i.e., it gets rid of the “tssss” and “shhhh” sound while it does not affect the vowels. Further carpets do away with treble but have no effect on bass.

Sometimes due to the high noise quality of a home theater system, the noise seeps to the immediate floor below, causing a disturbance. To reduce this possibility, a carpet underlay made from rubber and high grade felt is available in the market. This is a better underlay than standard corrugated foam underlays that are not so successful. However, this carpet underlay is not fit for reducing ‘airborne’ noises.

Customized home theater carpeting is also available, and you could browse the net to choose from the many styles available. However, if the styles available are not exactly to your liking, then, you could design your carpet. Custom carpeting is made mostly with 100% DuPont Nylon and is stain resistant. Information on these custom-made carpets is available on the Internet, and you could even order online.

If you want to buy basic carpet for your home theater, black carpet is always the best option. For the sound absorption feature and getting proper lighting length, nothing can beat the black carpet. The sturdy and rigid feature of this carpet gives a different dimension to your home theater. Black carpets are available in various online and offline shops now. So, dark color carpets always have a special place in the mind of people when it comes to decorating a luxury room. But on can keep things neutral and elegant at the same time taking black carpet for decorating room.